Department of Public Health (DPH)
Condom Ordering Policy 2019

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that HIV Prevention Programs supported by DPH funds receive priority for condom ordering and to ensure condoms are not depleted and are available throughout the year to organizations that serve HIV-positive persons and persons at highest risk of acquiring HIV infection.

To ensure that condoms are available free of charge, to HIV-positive persons and persons at highest risk of acquiring HIV infection, at all times by instituting ordering limits on agencies and individuals funded and not funded by DPH. There are some necessary policy changes for 2019 in order to remain sustainable and fairly distribute the necessary materials to all of our customers, past and future.


  • To reduce the risk of HIV and other STD’s in the community by having condoms free of charge and available to people who are sexually active.
  • To reduce the associated barriers in accessing condoms, including financial cost and embarrassment, by having condoms available free of charge at the Community Distribution Center operated by AIDS CT (ACT).
  • To provide availability and accessibility of different condoms throughout the year by instituting condom ordering limits.


The following are maximum limits on the amount of condoms allowed to be ordered monthly:

Approved HIV Prevention Funded Contractors (those either funded by DPH to provide HIV Prevention Services or who receive HIV test kits directly from DPH):

  • Male latex condoms 4 cases (4,000 pieces) per month
    • NOTE: Condoms from the ONE product line are limited to 2 cases
  • Female Condoms 2 bags (200 pcs)
  • Dental dams 3 pkgs (60 pcs)
  • Non-latex Condoms 1 sleeves (250 pcs)
  • Lubricant 4 pkgs (200 pcs)
  • Finger Cots / Condoms 1 box (144 pcs)

Funded Agencies with Multiple Site Locations (Per Location)

  • Maximum quantity is divided evenly among the number of sites. (Ex. – An agency with four locations would receive 1 case of condoms, 50 female condoms, 15 dental dams, 60 Non-latex male condoms and 1 package of lubricant. Finger cots will remain the same.)

Non-DPH funded organizations (Single Location)

  • Male latex condoms 1 case (1,000 pieces) per month
  • Female Condoms 1 bag (100 pcs)
  • Dental dams 2 pkgs (40 pcs)
  • Non-latex Condoms (100 pcs)
  • Lubricant 2 pkgs (100 pcs)
  • Finger Cots / Condoms 1 box (144 pcs)

Non-DPH funded organizations – Multiple site

  • Male latex condoms 1/2 case (500 pieces) per month
  • Female condoms (50 pcs)
  • Dental Dams 1 pkg (20 pcs)
  • Non-Latex Condoms (50 pcs)
  • Lubricant 1 pkg (50 pieces)


  • Male Latex Condoms 100 per month
  • Female Condoms (20 pcs)
  • Dental dams 1/2 pkg (10 pcs)
  • Non-latex Condoms (20 pcs)
  • Lubricant (20 pcs)

Organizations that distribute condoms should explore all options for acquiring safer sex materials. These options may include commercial channels. The Community Distribution Center is not intended to be the sole source of condoms in Connecticut, even for organizations whose focus is HIV and STI prevention. Instead, the Community Distribution Center should be seen as a complement to other resources.

NOTICE: There are no assurances that the itemized products will be in stock. The Community Distribution Center reserves the right to:

  1. Deny any order in whole or in part;
  2. Adjust the quantity of orders; and
  3. Substitute items.

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